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At Master Art Workshops, we prioritise the health and safety of our clients and artists. We are dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all. We will ensure that our joining instructions and health and safety briefings provide all information about our safety measures during workshops.



Art Workshops

Join us for a hands-on experience in creating art using many different mediums. Learn from our master artists and create your own masterpiece to take home with you. We cater for all levels.


Craft Workshops

Create amazing masterpieces with our skilled instructors. Learn new techniques and take home your own unique masterpiece. Crafts are suitable for all levels especially beginners


Art Events

We can arrange an event for a special occasion with one of our amazing artists. You can invite family and friends to your own Workshop. We will create a fun atmosphere for you all.



We now have our summer programme ready and have published details below, we are adding new workshops all the time so keep an eye on this website.

We are trying to keep our costs low but as you can appreciate some venues and artists have raised their fees so we have had to make some small increases. On the whole our prices are comparable with Master Art Workshops 2019 prices.

As we have had some last minute cancellations that impacts on the running of our workshops, we have felt it unfair on those who have booked and made arrangements to attend the day. So we are asking that payment is made within a specified timescale to secure your booking and that the workshop can proceed.

We look forward to creating some amazing masterpieces with you throughout the year.

Wednesday 12th June 10-4pm in Little Berkhamsted

Jackie Devereux 2.jpg
Jackie D 1.jpg
Jackie D 2.jpg

Imagine the excitement of cutting and printing your own design... How many ways could you find to use your prints? Gone are the days of cut fingers and rough images - Jackie will expertly guide you and encourage your creativity to flow - expect lots of ideas to hatch as you work!


This one day workshop will be an introduction for beginners and equally a reminder to others with some prior experience, into the art of relief print making. Armed with some basic tools and material we shall create our individual design on paper, transfer this into the 'lino' which is in effect a modern version of the original brown/grey lino, called SOFTCUT. Jackie will demonstrate some basic methods of making marks and cutting into the lino followed by simple printing methods.


This expressive medium will be tailored to your individual needs. Lino cutting and printing appeals to all levels, so come and have a go - even if you are a beginner. All materials are included so you don't have to buy anything beforehand. If you are experienced, however, Jackie will have some more complex techniques to share.


Price £85 includes all day refreshments, a two course lunch and all your materials. Free parking.

Jackie Devereux  1.jpg

with Judith Annakie Erikson

10am-1pm at Epping Golf Club

JAE Ceramics 3.jpg
JAE Ceramics 2.jpg
JAE Ceramics 1.jpg

Create a dreamcatcher by cutting shapes and creating texture into porcelain clay.

Follow a step by step demonstration by Judith Annakie-Eriksen. You will prepare your clay and roll it out, then sketch your ideas and plan how to make best use of the clay. You will cut out the shapes and create texture and patterns, then decorate your shapes to bring your creations to life. You will also be shown how to make beads.

​Judith will take your creations home to be fired in her kiln and then they will be mailed to you with instructions on how to assemble. You should be able to make two dreamcatchers at this workshop.





​Price £50 includes all materials, firing and posting back to you, plus welcome cuppa, refreshments and cake. Free parking.

JAE Ceramics 4.jpg
Barry Scan 4.jpg



Saturday 6th July 10am-4pm & Sunday 7th July 10am-1pm 

at Little Berkhamsted 

SATURDAY 6th July:

Come and join us for an outdoor watercolour painting experience like no other, as we wander around the picturesque village of Little Berkhamsted, weather permitting, guided by the keen eye of artist Barry Herniman. Painting outdoors, or 'en plein air', is a fascinating experience, as we sit in the scene of our chosen subjects and recreate them by sketching and watercolouring. Some watercolour experience necessary. You will need to bring your own paints, paper, brushes etc, and portable items to enjoy a day walking around the village and painting.

Price £85 includes refreshments and a two course lunch back in the Village Hall. Free parking.




SUNDAY 7th July:

Have you ever wondered how artists create the effects of water, brick walls or steam from trains. We will be focusing on how to create textures in watercolour. Join us for a further optional half day workshop (10am - 1pm) in Little Berkhamsted Village Hall where artist Barry Herniman will help you refine your watercolour techniques. Some experience necessary. 

Price £55 includes a welcome cuppa, plus further refreshments and cake.














Barry Wall.jpg
Barry Pic 3.png
Barry 5.jpg
jake 4.webp


Saturday 13th July 2024 

10am- 4pm at Little Berkhamsted 


Inspired by light and movement, Jake's paintings are a reflection of the world around him. Jake is returning to help us create a Badger and Hare using images from his gallery. We will follow a step by step process painting in watercolours to develop something truly unique. Suitable for all levels. You will need your own watercolour paints and paper.










Jake exhibits widely in the South of England and in 2004 was a finalist in the Daily Mail's 'Not The Turner Prize' competition.  In 2007 his work was selected for the Royal Society of British Artist exhibition in The Mall Galleries, London, and from that time he has been contributing regular articles about his painting style for The Artist magazine.  Jake has been the subject of three instructional DVD's by Townhouse Films:- Watercolour from Dark to Light, Light and Movement in Watercolour and most recently Going Wild in Watercolour.  Jake's book Light and Movement in Watercolour was first released in 2012.


Price £90 includes all day refreshments and a two-course lunch. Free parking.

Jake Badger.jpg
Jake Hare.jpg
Deana Pastel 5.jpg



Saturday 20th July 2024

10am - 1pm at The Dutch Marketplace 

The beautiful technique of pastel drawing is explored step by step in this lovely workshop focusing on flowers and plants with the option to sketch the odd sculpture. Our inspiring tutor Deana will show us how to create vibrant, exciting artwork by pastel sketching onto coloured or black paper.


Using loose shapes and mark making to depict the wonderful flowers and plants at The Dutch Nursery, you will blossom into your art, going home with one or more bright, joyous, artworks. Deana will supply the coloured/black paper, pens and pastel pencils for everyone. No experience needed - this session is suitable for all levels. Please note, we will be starting off indoors but weather permitting, we will be outside, so please dress accordingly. 







Price £55 including refreshments, all your materials, and lunch at The Dutch Café. Free parking. 


Numbers are limited so don’t delay in booking!

Deana Pastel 2.jpg
Deana Pastel 5.jpg
Deana Pastel 4.jpg
Nicky 5.jpg

with Nicky Hunter

on Saturday 26th October 10am - 4pm Little Berkhamsted


Nicky Hunter Fox.jpg

The delightful and very talented Nicky Hunter will be joining us for a workshop on Tuesday 21st May at Little Berkhamsted Village Hall

In Nicky’s latest workshop collaboration with us, we will be creating a vibrant painting in watercolour with the wow factor – the subject is the majestic magnolia, queen of the spring florals.

Nicky will paint a watercolour artwork in stages, and students will create their own artworks using the techniques that are demonstrated, with full guidance and support from the tutor.

The workshop aims to improve students’ knowledge and painting skills using loose and lively watercolour methods, and managing wet in to wet technique. You will explore elements such as keeping whites fresh and colours transparent so your artworks sing with radiance. You will understand elements of good picture making such as effective layout and composition and how to use soft edges, create a focal point and develop tonal values to make your painting pop. You will be encouraged to use lively direct brushwork to create dynamic yet beautiful floral artworks that bloom in a radiant and expressive painting style.

Workshop runs from 10am-4pm. Price £85 includes all day refreshments and a two-course lunch. Free parking.

Xmas Cards 3.jpg


Sunday 17th March - Epping

Mandala Dotting with Angelique Samadhi 10-1pm £50


Saturday 23rd March – Dutch Marketplace, Spring Flowers Watercolour with Deana Kim Page 10-1pm £55 inc lunch


Saturday 6th April – Little Berkhamsted

Landscape in Watercolours with Frank Walters 10-4pm £90

Saturday 13th April – Little Berkhamsted, Mixed Media with Sera Knight 10-4pm £85

Saturday 27th April – Little Berkhamsted,

Fused Glass with Laura Brooks-Payne 10-1pm £65

Saturday 18th May  – Dutch Marketplace, EXTRA WORKSHOP -Spring Flowers Watercolour with Deana Kim Page 10-1pm £55 inc lunch

Sunday 19th May - Epping

Flamingos in Acrylics with Phillippa Gunn 10-1pm £50

Wednesday 12th June – Little Berkhamsted
Lino Cutting with Jackie Devereux 10-4pm £85

Sunday 23rd June - Epping POSTPONED

Ceramic Dream catchers with Judith Annakie-Erikson 10-1pm £50

Saturday 6th July, Sunday 7th July – Little Berkhamsted

Watercolours ‘En Plein Air’

Barry Herniman

Sat 10-4pm £85

Sun 10-1pm £55

Both Workshops £125

Saturday 13th July – Little Berkhamsted
Watercolours with Jake Winkle

10-4pm £90


Saturday 20th July – Dutch Marketplace

Pastels with Deana Kim Page

10-1pm £55

Saturday 27th July – Dutch Marketplace - CRAFT FAIR

Watercolours with Deana Kim Page

10-1pm £45

Saturday 28th September – Little Berkhamsted

Return of Jake Winkle Watercolours

10-1pm £85

Sunday 29th September - Little Berkhamsted

Mandala Dotting with Angelique Samadhi 10-1pm £50

Saturday 5th October - Little Berkhamsted

Glass Fusion - Laura Brooks-Payne 10-1pm £65

Sunday 6th October - Epping 

2 Acylics Workshops with Phillippa Gunn TBC


Saturday 19th October – Little Berkhamsted, Candle Making with Anne Nudd 10-1pm  £65

Saturday 26th October – Little Berkhamsted

Fabulous Fox in Watercolours with Nicky Hunter

10-4pm £85

Sunday 10th November – Epping

Create Mosaic Stars with Nicola Upton 10-1pm £65

2024 Programme

We have put together our 2024 programme

We are always adding workshops so keep an eye on this page for more details.

See attached Document which shows what we are planning for this year

Venues & Social Media

All our full day workshops include a two course lunch, with tea and coffee available all day. The Little Berkhamsted workshops take place at Little Berkhamsted Village Hall, SG13 8LY. All Epping workshops take place at the first floor hall at Epping Golf Course, Flux's Lane, Epping CM16 7PE.

Dutch Marketplace workshops are at Great North Road Hatfield AL9 6ND.

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