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Spring in to Art !

We had a wonderful workshop with Deana Kim Page at the Dutch Marketplace. We started with an exercise using masking fluid to protect our flowers from the background painting called stop. First, we outlined the flowers in masking fluid, using our imagination and adding butterflies, bees and birds. We spent a while on this as the result is all in the preparation for stop.

We chose four to five colours and washed the background. Once the masking fluid was dry. This gave us amazing effects. Deana did a demonstration, then stopped, then another demo, then stopped, teaching us loads of different watery colour techniques in a step by step process.

We did a second free-flow painting and chose whatever we wanted to do. We finished the paintings by adding colour in the wet to the centre of the flowers and dragging the colour out to provide depth to the flowers. You can see the results are incredible!!!

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